Fillings are an essential part of general dentistry which is why we are proud to provide our patients with high quality white fillings in Manchester and Cheshire. We understand that silver fillings that appear to be grey can really affect your confidence therefore we thoroughly recommend this treatment for those who need it.

Why is a filling required?

Acid causes decay which results in the softening of your tooth’s enamel and dentine, this can then lead to a cavity. If the decay is not serious it can be simply removed by our cosmetic dentist and then restored with a white/ tooth-coloured filling that looks natural in your mouth. If you’re in need of a filling towards the front of your mouth we would recommend a white filling as this will not distract from your normal, natural and beautiful smile.

Fillings are a painless treatment that usually takes around 30 minutes however this does depend on the size of the filling. For patients who suffer with dental phobia we can perform white fillings in Manchester whilst you are under conscious sedation, please contact us for more information in regards to this service.

Silver Replacements

If you have previously had a silver amalgam filling, we can replace this with a white one to restore your smile and improve your confidence. With our white fillings no one will notice that you even have a filling allowing you to open your mouth and smile without feeling embarrassed. So if you’re looking to replace your old, unattractive fillings we have the answer for you with our white fillings in Cheshire.

For more information in regards to white fillings in Manchester please get in contact with our helpful team. We can provide you with dental advice; so call us today and book your appointment to embark on your journey to that perfect smile.

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