Mouth cancer affects approximately 1,700 people in the UK each year because of late detection, this is why at Manor Dentists we are proud to provide mouth cancer screening in Manchester and mouth cancer screening in Cheshire.

What is Mouth Cancer?

Many people aren’t aware that mouth cancer can affect any part of the mouth including the tongue, the lips and also the throat because of what is known as a malignant growth. The mortality rate for people affected by mouth cancer is extremely high; it is even higher than breast cancer, cervical cancer and skin cancer.

Unfortunately, even with treatment 50% of people with mouth cancer will have a terminal illness because of late detection. If you become aware of an abnormal problem anywhere within your mouth or throat you should visit Manor Dentists for mouth cancer screening in Manchester and Cheshire. By visiting your dentist regularly, an early detection of the problem can be made, and this could save your life.

People who smoke have a much higher risk of developing mouth cancer than those who do not. Quitting smoking is admittedly not an easy thing to do however it will lower the risk of developing this illness. If you are a regular smoker we would recommend that you utilise our mouth cancer screening in Manchester. If you are looking to quit smoking our hypnotherapist, Dr Gabrielle Brooks can provide the solutions for you.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation

If you would like more information about mouth cancer, the Mouth Cancer Foundation raises awareness in regards to this illness whilst also offering support to patients, carers and health professionals.

To book an appointment with your dentist please get in contact with us here at Manor Dentists today, we offer patients a welcoming and comfortable environment. For more information about our mouth cancer screening in Cheshire please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team today.

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