Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Teeth Implants (All on 6) at Manor Dental Care in Manchester (Cheshire)

What are Same Day Dental Implants? (Similar to ‘All on 4’ Implants but with 6 Implants)

  • This method is used to rehabilitate the normal function and appearance of the smile after tooth loss
  • Particularly for all missing teeth on a given arch (lower or upper).
  • As the name suggests, this technique makes it possible for the implant system to be fully functional and aesthetically restored within one day, using 6 dental implants for each arch (jaw)
  • Which supports a bespoke ‘natural looking’ designed Dental Bridge (see image below).

Same Day Implants manchester

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How Does the ‘All on 6’ Implants Treatment Work?


  • Six dental implants are placed in strategic points of the jaw to take full advantage of the existing bone structure without the need for complicated procedures such as bone grafts.
  • Using a minimally-invasive method, the implants are inserted into the jawbone to act as a firm base, to which a fixed dental bridge will be attached.
  • This technique is also called “Same Day Implants or Same Day Smile” because the entire treatment (loading of implants, attachment of teeth restorations, and any tooth extractions deemed necessary) can be completed in just one day.
  • Achieve all the benefits of a missing teeth solution in just one day with the All on 6 Dental Implants.



Who Can Have All on 6 / Full Mouth Implants?

This treatment will have significant benefits for the following conditions:

  • Tooth loss for an entire jaw – full mouth implants are ideal for those who have lost all teeth in either the upper or lower jaw (or both).
  • Loose teeth / failing dentition – the All on 6 method is used to address problems of teeth that are gradually becoming loose, and in cases of failing dentition.
  • Severe gum disease – problems with multiple tooth loss caused by severe gum disease are solved with same day implants.
  • To avoid wearing dentures – the same day teeth treatment is used to secure a dental bridge in place, to avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing removable dentures.

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Why are Six Dental Implants Better than Four?


The ‘All on 6’ method is considered more beneficial especially for those with an insufficient or thin jawbone structure, as the dental bridge will be given further support. The 6 dental implants are placed on specific points of the jaw for improved pressure distribution, compared to using only four implants to secure the teeth restoration.

What are the Advantages of having ‘All on 6 Dental Implants’ over ‘All on 4’?


  • Immediate Improvements – The function and appearance of the smile are both instantly improved immediately after the treatment, which is completed within the same day.
  • Reduced Treatment Time – As the treatment is completed in one day, a lengthy implant treatment (which can be costlier and more uncomfortable) can be avoided.
  • Minimally-Invasive – The six implants are inserted using a minimally-invasive technique, which also eliminates the need for complicated procedures such as a bone graft.
  • Significantly Reduced Recovery Time – The implants are fully functional aesthetically improved immediately after the treatment, and normal activities can be resumed right afterwards.
  • Cost Reduction – The elimination of complicated procedures and the shorter treatment time (which also translates to reduced dental appointments) make the All on 6 Dental Implants method a more cost-effective option compared to conventional dental implants.


Dentures are not the only solutions to missing teeth…

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How Much Do Same day Implants Cost?

Superior Same Day Teeth Implants (All on 6) – From £12,000 per arch (jaw) – Save £4,000 for both arches (jaws)

Spread Your Payments – Options:

From £1,200 a Month (0% Finance over 10 months).
or From £252.00 a Month ( 9.9% APR representative over 60 Months)

Treatment includes:

  • 6 Implants & dental bridge
  • Bone augmentation
  • CT Scans
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Free check-up and x-rays within the first year

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Manor Dental Care - Dental Implant Clinic - Manchester

Manor Dental Care – Dental Implant Clinic – Manchester

Manor Dental Care - Same Day Smile Clinic - Manchester

Manor Dental Care – Same Day Smile Clinic – Manchester

Manor Dental Care - Same Day Teeth Clinic - Manchester

Manor Dental Care – Same Day Teeth Clinic – Manchester

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