Mini implants are innovative, low-pain dental implant treatments that are specially designed to securely attach crowns, dentures, or even braces. This treatment is extremely efficient; patients can eat comfortably within hours of having the treatment completed. At our Sale-based location, we are the perfect choice for those who are interested in mini dental implants in Cheshire.

How Do they Work?

This form of dental implant placement is a simple procedure that is minimally invasive. First of all the implants are put into position into the jawbone whilst the patient is under light sedation or a general anaesthetic. The head of the implants protrude from the gum to offer a firm foundation for crowns, dentures or braces.

Affordable Treatments

At Manor Dentists we offer midi and mini dental implants in Manchester at an affordable price. Mini dental implants are the perfect solution if you are looking for greater stability for your dentures without invasive procedures. With mini dental implants there is no need for gum surgery, drilling of the bone, and stitches plus fewer visits to the dentist is required! However it should be noted that there is a perforation of both the gum and bone’s outer surface; this only lasts momentarily. Restoration of the implants can usually be completed on the same day.

Midi Implants

The Midi Implant is a stronger version of the mini dental implant with a greater surface area. This version offers a more substantial post for crowns. With size variations ranging from 2.3mm to 4.3mm these implants are suitable for both thinner and wider bones. These implants are stable from initial application and restoration can be carried out immediately; a permanent crown will be fitted a couple of weeks later.

After the implants are secured a crown will be tailor made and then secured to your implant. It is important to note that an implant is not required for every missing tooth; you can choose a bridge or partial denture if you have more than 3 teeth missing. Usually these can be supported by two implants.


We recommend our mini dental implants in Manchester for those who wear dentures. This is because the mini dental implant is the most effective way of stabilising the lower denture. It is estimated that 120,000 people in the UK have problems with uncomfortable denture devices. With this unique dental solution you can resolve common issues such as bad breath and discomfort.

How does it Work?

The implant features a spherical head, your denture’s fixture then works like a socket in which the denture can be seated securely. When seated the denture will rest comfortably on the gum tissue and is able to cope with lifting that naturally occurs during eating.

Conventional Implants

This treatment is unique as it can be designed to match your specific needs, and this includes conventional implants. Conventional implants are placed on the bone of the patient through a specialist surgical technique that results in minimal discomfort. We offer sedation for nervous patients when receiving mini dental implants in Cheshire and Manchester.

After the initial placement procedure has been carried out the implants are then left alone for 3 – 6 months in order to allow the bone to grow around the fitted implants, therefore becoming biologically bound to them. This phase is called ‘remodelling’, temporary teeth will be provided.

Why Do Conventional Implants Take So Long?

Because the implants are embedded firmly into the bone, the bone is then preserved, they act in exactly the same way as natural teeth roots. For this reason the bone has to bond with the implants; this can take up to 9 months. However this does depend on the bone in which the implants are placed.

There are many other treatments where completion is quicker but unfortunately there are no traditional methods that can preserve the bone when teeth have been replaced.

Treatment Stages for Conventional Implants

 To ensure that the conventional implants are of the highest quality, at Manor Dentists we complete the following stages:

  • Evaluation & planning
  • Procedures taking place during preparation
  • The healing period
  • Implant placement
  • 4-8 month settling period
  • Follow up appointments to review progress

Denture Stages

  • A trial phase
  • Progress review and appointments
  • Upgrades

Mini Implants Vs Conventional Implants

These two treatments can be incredibly similar; you can even have a combination of both. Mini implants are designed to be extremely narrow therefore they can usually be inserted right into the bone and straight through the overlying gum tissue therefore gum surgery is avoided. The patient is less likely to experience irritation after initial application because of this.

For more information about our treatment for mini dental implants in Manchester and Cheshire please get in contact with our helpful team; we are more than happy to provide you with advice when it comes to your general and cosmetic health. Take the first step towards a perfect, healthy smile today.

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