Broken teeth are a common problem in the UK; not only does this affect you cosmetically, they can damage your confidence. Breakage can severely weaken the tooth leading to pain and irritation whilst lowering the standard of your oral health. This is why we provide specialist treatments for broken teeth repair in Manchester and broken teeth repair in Cheshire.

Teeth Repair Treatments

We can repair broken teeth and chipped teeth with veneers to regain the tooth’s natural look; with this treatment nobody will notice that you have ever chipped or broken your tooth. Veneers are made with porcelain that has the aesthetic of a real tooth; they are specially designed to cover the tooth making it appear whole, strong and healthy. The veneer will vary in thickness with the broken area being covered by a much thicker section.

In some cases a composite material will be used rather than a porcelain veneer. This material has a natural aesthetic. This is usually used for minor breakages on the front teeth such as a slight chip. The result is a tooth with a straight edge that is wonderfully attractive.


Before undergoing your treatments for broken teeth repair in Manchester we will explain your options to you. We will take the time to explain any payments and make sure that you are comfortable. Patient care is exceptionally important to us, whether you are a regular visitor to Manor Dentists or you haven’t been to the dentist in years we will treat you with the best care possible.

So if you’re looking for broken teeth repair in Manchester or broken teeth repair in Cheshire, come to Manor Dentists. We are committed to patient care and often travel to modern dentistry conferences to ensure that we are providing the most effective, cutting-edge treatments possible.


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